A Community Angel in Southwest Detroit


DHDC Empowers Latino Youth, Builds Community

It began a quarter-century ago in the living room of Angela Reyes, Angie to all who meet her, “an angel” say many who know her work. Tired of going to funeral after funeral for young people she knew, she sought to forge a truce among warring gangs — and to steer their members to productive work and careers. Today, Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation (DHDC) is a community hub for life-changing opportunities serving 5,000 youth and adults annually. The organization offers adult education, youth services and family services that emphasize the nuts and bolts of communication. It offers workshop for prospective home buyers and supports to develop the entrepreneurs who can recycle the community’s assets and offer employment. The problems that DHDC originally confronted remain (the lure of gangs, for instance) and there are new challenges such as gentrification. DHDC’s resolve also remains — while its capacity to do good has been multiplied.


Angie Reyes, Executive Director, DHDC
Alexis Zavala, Director of Programs, DHDC
Goya Diaz, Family Department Director, DHDC
Anita Zavala, Social Enterprise and Wealth-Building Manager, DHDC