Saint Paul Pilots Guaranteed Income

Human Services

How a City Can Help Close the Wealth Gap

Families know what’s best for themselves. The People’s Prosperity Guaranteed Income Pilot in Saint Paul is a simple, innovative way to support families to build their well-being and wealth that centers their ability to make decisions about their money. The goal was simple: get cash to families with no strings attached so they could buy the things they need and cover key expenses like rent, food, and bills. Launched November 2020, the pilot gives 150 families with low incomes $500 per month for 18 months. In addition, children enrolled in CollegeBound Saint Paul receive an additional $180 in their college savings account. As the first municipality that runs a guaranteed income program through city government, the pilot can serve as a model for how to expand cash-based programs around the country. Kresge’s Detroit Program co-funded this project with the Human Services Program.


Melvin Carter, Mayor, City of Saint Paul
Kasey Wiedrich, Saint Paul Office of Financial Empowerment
Jun-Li Wang, Associate Director, Programs, Springboard for the Arts
Katey Decelle, Artist Pilot Participant 
Petus Muas, Pilot Participant
Andrea Coleman, Pilot Participant