New Orleans Orgs Advocate for Green Infrastructure


Water Wise Gulf South Gives Leaders a Platform

Black and Brown communities suffer the most severe physical and economic impacts of urban flooding. They are expected to be resilient following a natural disaster, but what they truly need is resilient green infrastructure to prevent flooding damage and funding to help their communities recover faster and more equitably. Several Black-led community organizations in New Orleans have not waited for funding support. Instead, they’ve launched more than 150 anti-flooding developments in the city’s most heavily impacted neighborhoods, the 7th and Upper 9th Wards and Tremé. The organizations are part of Water Wise Gulf South, a collaborative of community advocates and water professionals who share a commitment to strengthening public awareness and use of green infrastructure – despite a lack of funding support from local government.


Dr. Angela Chalk, Executive Director, Healthy Community Services
Jeff Supak, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Waterwise Gulf South
Cheryl R. Austin, Greater Tremé Consortium
Gaynell Brady, Lower 9th Ward Homeownership Association
Kimberly Doley, Policy and Advocacy Committee Coordinator, Water Wise Gulf South